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Thursday 26.May.22

{Waking Pain} 5 {Current Pain} 4 {Stretches} no. I have had issue with one of my medications which has made doing everything a problem. {Sleep} 5h 47m – though I fell asleep whilst my watch was charging, so I might add an hour or more.

Sunphant Sun Elephant by: Tamara Phillips

I am top to toe pain. Nearly Friday, if that is your work week… I am hurting, therefore my brain is scattered and mushy and terribly unavailable. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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Wednesday 25.May.22 My Most Favourite Aunt Vicki’s Birthday

{Waking Pain} 4 {Current Pain} 4 {Stretches} no. I have had issue with one of my medications which has made doing everything a problem. {Sleep} 6h 41m – yay.

Indifference by: Mario Sanchez Nevado

Without pregabalin the Trigeminal Neuralgia returned. Unfortunately, I feel such pain on the left as well as my diagnosed right side. The left side is not as bad, thank goodness, though the inside of my ear is hurting something fierce. Oh, and my left arm is nice & tingly all the way to the tips of my fingers. Hope the week is going well. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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Tuesday 24.May.22

{Waking Pain} 4 {Current Pain} 4 {Stretches} no. I have had issue with one of my medications which has made doing everything a problem. {Sleep} 7 hours 16m – though I woke late, a lovely night’s sleep.

Equestrienne by: Marc Chagall

I am simply exhausted. It is nearly 530p and a nap wouldn’t suffice; I must needs coffee to continue on until this evening. I have had a hiccup with but ONE medication and my body has gone on a rampage. Today I went to RISE for my (sometimes bi-) weekly cannabis infusion, where I had a lovely conversation with @thevinylpapers, also known as Doc Jeffurious. I discovered he too takes the medication I am referring to, (the cause of my recent pain and tortuous existence), and has also remarked on the coinciding of a lack of pregabalin and emotional upheaval.

Yet another thing people either don’t know or just don’t tell you is when you go without certain medications, and the pain is overwhelming, you then cannot do the things that might help with the pain. For example, all my stretches cannot be accomplished when the agony is all encompassing; every movement is riddled with anguish. Those amazing baths, the jets and bubbles, are a special torture. My TENS unit can only be used when I have all my nerve and pain medications, otherwise the electricity is a special kind of torment.

A Dying Wish by: Mario Sanchez Nevado

I have not posted a piece by Mario Sanchez Nevado in a little while; he reaches deep within me with each new one I discover. Within my Downton Rabbit Hole I am at Lady Sybil’s death (again, as this is my second time through in a very short time). Just before her death I came upon A Dying Wish, as she was discussing her child’s Christening; it was all quite poetically done. Anyhow, I will leave you with all that. Hope you all have a good week. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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Monday 23.May.22

{Waking Pain} 4 {Current Pain} 5 {Stretches} no. Woke up hating my left shoulder with a passion and my face has decided that attack will only serve. {Sleep} 10hours 13minutes! Of course, I did not sleep the night before, so I had been awake for entirely too long.

Once Upon A Dream No Fate, Nor Destiny. I Am Made From The Luminous Light Of My Own Dreams by: Gabriela Slegrova

There are times the pain does not let me sleep; times I know sleep would help, no matter how elusive. Once Upon A Dream No Fate, Nor Destiny. I Am Made From The Luminous Light Of My Own Dreams is a gorgeous piece that takes me back to my childhood growing up in Phoenix. Nearly everyone I knew had a pool, myself included. There were two months of the year we didn’t swim and few months, if any, when we were not in the pool daily. I miss swimming and think it would help me greatly.

There were times I would go to the bottom of the deep end and sit cross legged for as long as I could. The color of reflected light is lovely, especially scattered across the floor of the pool and specifically when seen from the floor of the pool. There is a very special kind of peace in those moments that is unmatched anywhere else in life, in my opinion. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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Saturday 21.May.22

Migraine. Major pain in my neck & left shoulder. Downton Abbey leaves Netflix on the 31st, so I am using it to focus my pain. Yes, I am in a Downton Hole and it is steep with a cut off date. Čėçēłįå

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Friday 20.May.22

{Waking Pain} 4 {Current Pain} 3 {Stretches} No & I need to do a lot. {Sleep} 3h 34m …woot.

Sleep No. 2 by: Mark M. Mellon

We have had Mon Petit Homme for the last few days. Though I am certifiably exhausted, I do miss him already (as he is on his way home now). We have had a lovely time and I am reminded each time I move. I am too tired to write more now. Busy day tomorrow as well… Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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Wednesday 18.May.22

{Waking Pain} 5 {Current Pain} 3 {Stretches} Yes, but I need to do much more. I did get a lovely therapeutic bath. {Sleep} 3h 27m …yeah.

Daughters of the Mist by: Evelyn De Morgan

I am hurting this morning…er…this afternoon. I am hungry, but too tired and in too much pain to cook. We have Rome’s last post-op appointment (hopefully); then we can come home and I can rest. Hope you all are living well. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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Tuesday 17.May.22

{Waking Pain} my shoulder is at a 5, my back & my neck a 4… {Current Pain} It is nearly 1030p – oh dear I hurt. Long, long, loooong day. {Stretches} no. I am foolish and silly and stupid. I know!

Today has been crazy busy. I missed yesterday, not because it was Monday, but because we were BUSY. I am so tired of being busy. I miss quarantine. You didn’t hear me say that, nvm. Today was a very long, very emotional day. I spoke with a good friend with whom I have not been in touch for a minute, and I was rude… well, I don’t know if rude is the correct terminology, but I was wrong in what I said. I meant to text right away, but I got busy and one thing led to another and I let the day go. I did text him later, but I felt damned guilty all day. And then I got to catch up with my best friend, but that wasn’t really good news so, yeah, mooooving on. 🐄 🐮

And then we visited friends who lost their daughter last fall. I know I have mentioned Jaime before, well her Mum has really been on our hearts and minds, especially Rome. On Rome’s birthday she got a Build-a-Bear that she named Jaime… but she said it never felt right, like it just wasn’t for her. She decided to give it to Phyllis, Jaime’s Mum, because we know she is having a “difficult” time. (I put that in quotes because I don’t think there is a word for what she goes through every minute of the day). Rome was upstairs with Becca and I was down talking with Phyllis, and I could legitimately feel her pain.

Mother and Golden Haired Child by: Shijun Munns

I will never claim to know why we live in a world where our beautiful children are taken from us. I will not claim to know the answer to “why did God let this happen?” I know the academic, theological answer… but I do not know what to say to a woman who lost not one, but two children the exact same way. I do know that Jaime touched everyone she met and changed lives just by living. I also know that her death has perhaps sparked conversations between other kids and their parents, or between each other. I know that there was a reason for her life and her death, I am just not privy to the specifics yet.

Okay, that’s enough. I hope you all are having a good week. Full moon yesterday, on a Monday; that just doesn’t seem fair. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

American Sign Language MOTHER by: Eloise Schneider Mote
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Weekend 14/15.May.22

{Waking Pain} all weekend: basically my shoulder is at a 5, my back a 4, my neck a 3.5… {Current Pain} It is my neck & shoulder… I füking despise them. {Stretches} yes, but only on Sunday and not a complete set. I have been utterly worthless in pain.

The Rat and The Elephant by: Marc Chagall

Ima be honest… I have gone deep in a Versailles hole. Like I am already to season three after just three days. Which is why I actually typed the word “Ima” and it didn’t bother me. I have also recently gone on a deep dive into Marc Chagall, thus the paintings above and below. I will certainly need one for my wall at some point. Those are but two reasons I have missed days and missed out on taking better care of myself. Another is the pain loop. If you suffer from chronic pain, and you know what I mean, I’d love to hear your comments… what do you do to break the pain cycle?

Blue Lovers by: Marc Chagall

Indigo is my favourite colour; Blue Lovers brings out the hues of indigo in a playful way. ~and holy cow I just read that Downton Abbey is only available on Netflix until May 31st…luckily I just finished the last episode of Versailles. I have not enjoyed DA in a couple years, and with their new episodes coming~ & there is the end of that tilde tangent. I am pooped. Hope to see your comments someday & hope you all have a lovely week ahead. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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Friday the 13th of May 2022

{Waking Pain} 4 {Current Pain} 4 {Stretches} at nearly 4pm, not yet. I am deep within that horrific cycle of knowing I should, but hurting so much I cannot {Sleep} 3hrs 58m

The Lightning Catchers by: Bryan Allen

Damn I hurt. I have so much to do, however my body disagrees. I missed a day, ((apologies)). I have lightning pain in my shoulder, which is only amplified by the dull aches that reach down my arm. I find lightning beautiful; I just don’t like the way it feels.

The Magic Flute by: Marc Chagall

I am having a Chagall type day. My head feels a bit floaty with reality being quite a bit more ugly than I’d like. I need to get into a writing kind of mood so I can transpose all that floats in my skull to paper or screen and bless you with my (much less than) genius thoughts and ideas. 😂🤣