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Thankful Thursday 26.January.23

{pain} 5 {sleep} 4h 7m -ugh, I really am tired & hurting.

Be A Goldfish Digital Art by: Leona Beck

I fell down a very deep Ted Lasso hole— such a wonderful show. I am thankful for it today, because I needed this type of happy. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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25.January.23 Wednesday ~ Midweek marvels

{pain} 4 {sleep} 5h 17m – I am tired & in need of a weeks rest… but will not get it.

Coffee Lover Gift Insert Coffee To Begin by: FunnyGiftsCreation

Hope your week is treating you well. Halfway there for most, not nearly begun for some… Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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Tuesday, I really need you to be kind. 24.January.23

{pain} 6 {sleep} 8h 5m – so it says, but I think it is wrong.

Last night was rough.

~Ohhh how I have missed my internet! I took a picture on my phone and immediately it was on my iPad, that is so wonderful! I have missed the high speed internet, for sure!~mooving on 🐄.

I have a very busy day today, something I am not looking forward to at all. I am hurting, because the second day is always worse that the first day after… but today has more to do because it is our first day back and it is not Monday.

It is time for bed. I am exhausted and tomorrow is just another busy day. 😑 A friend had a Twomonday, but I must admit that I am glad it wasn’t me. Yesterday was bad enough. I had a doctor appointment today, a sort of “State of the Union” that we do at the beginning of each year. I am going to begin Physical Therapy again, something that I desperately need. Oh! Best news of the day? I actually lost weight over our six-week holiday! Woooot! And there was cake!

There is my funny for you today… I need to get to sleep. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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Share Your World 23.January.23

Welcome to Share your World. Thank you, Di, pensitivity101, for hosting!
There are two ways in which you can participate:
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As always, there will be an optional gratitude section at the end.
Here are your questions for this week:

  1. Do you find it relatively easy to fall asleep at night? Oh so difficult. I don’t have a tv in my room, but I tend to read late. Even if I don’t, my brain does not turn off easily, nor does my body relax without quite a bit of help. (Tbh, I take four 4mg muscle relaxers a day & another four at bedtime).
  2. Do you remember your dreams? Not as often as I would like. When I do though, it is lovely. I have always had vibrant, technicolor dreams that feel so very real.
  3. If you can’t sleep, do you watch TV, read or listen to music in the hope you will nod off? I read. Sometimes I accidentally fall into an IG hole of funny animal videos, but mostly it is a book that gets my mind slowing to an acceptable pace for sleep. I also started to listen to an asmr video, fireplace & rain storm, that has been helping my brain shut down quicker.
  4. Can you literally sleep anywhere (chair, sofa, bus, train, flight etc)? Oh hell no. I have had a couple spine surgeries & have fibromyalgia & trigeminal neuralgia to boot. I need to be flat on my back in a decently comfortable bed.

Even Monday’s can be used for good… I guess. 🙄

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Monday, you’re lucky you’re a palindrome today. Otherwise, I’d cut you. 23.January.23

{pain} 5 {sleep} Not sure. Took my watch off to charge when I got home at about 2a(?) & fell asleep without it around 3:30a-ish. Woke at near 10a in a lot of pain because I did not take my meds at my normal time. (& I drove most of the way home; the trip took nearly 15 hours this time because we were weighed down by firewood & traveling at 65-67mph. I drove the first 12 hours.)

Shabby The Unicorn I will Cut You Summer by: Paul Mike

Hello, anyone who is taking a moment to read this. My pain is on several levels today, as I was hoping to be able to come home & relax. Alas, there are other plans, made by other people, that do not involve me… but do involve me. This year is going to be different, people; I cannot be having this same conversation at this time next year. But I digress… 🐄

Stormy Monday Blues by: Karin Kuhlmann

My mom is home; I did not realize that until 6 o’clock this morning. I was so exhausted when we arrived last night that I went to bed immediately. (I was also alone as Rœgn wanted to see her bestie for the night.) So, this morning when I woke up I stumbled into her room, then realizing that it was SUPER hot in there because the door was closed. Again, too tired to realize the truth that the temperature would not be up so high if the house were empty. As I was leaving the bathroom, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that she was in her bed. 😳

Tired Unicorn with Rainbow Coffee by: Me

Not sure if you recall six weeks ago, I barely do, but we were forced to get ready two weeks sooner than planned. Granted, it was to go to a funeral, so sure- no way we could avoid it, but we were rushed. So, we left a bit of a mess; apparently, much more of a mess than what we had either intended nor really tried to accomplish. I mean, we really did try to leave the house relatively clean. I do remember the piles & piles & piles of laundry, having to do more laundry in a just a few days than I had in a very long time. The living room is currently full of clean clothes that need to be put away… we have much to accomplish.

Monday by: Ghost

Basically, we deserved the angry & cold message left for us as we arrived home. No more than a year, people: This time next year we will be in a new place. Mark my words. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

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21/22.January.23 Traveling Weekend

{pain} it is 8:45p & I am feeling a strong 7. I have done too much today. {sleep} 7h 15m – it was good, except I woke up at 5am, took a muscle relaxer so I could get an extra hour or two, and got three.

The Fierce Urgency Of Now by: Tom Toro

We were supposed to leave a couple days ago… didn’t.

Top Ten Reasons People Procrastinate Pun Humor Motivational Poster by: Design Turnpike

Then we were supposed to leave yesterday… didn’t.

Procaffinating by: Florian Rodarte

And then we were definitely supposed to leave today because real life is beckoning! But no, my daughter wanted to see my sister & so we waited. I just want to go home. I hope you are all having an excellent weekend. Football is going to be epic tomorrow and I’m going to be driving. 😑 Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow by: Jenn Chemasko

22JAN23: {pain} 4 {sleep} 6h 41m of not great sleep. 😑 (pretty sure that 😑 is the emoji of the weekend).

.hello Sunday by: Dominique Ballada

Hello, Sunday. I was really hoping to meet you in Illinois, but apparently I will not see you for many hours still. It is almost time for my alarm to go off (730a) & I have been up for over an hour. Now I just need to get Rœgn up and all will be well. Here’s hoping you all have a magical rest of your weekend! Enjoy the football today! Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå

Holy Cats Sunday Brunch by: Bill Bell
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The Morning Dawdler

The Morning Dawdler – hiya, Rory, hope you’re well.

Questions for you to answer in your own time over your favourite cuppa.

Four questions three times a week – inspired by life, humour, conversations and observations, town life, blog posts, writers, gardening, news stories, television, entertainment and human curiousity and so on.

Please feel free to answer all or only a few. Answer in the comment section below or create your own post or even just group the week’s questions together and then answer in one hit – that choice is entirely down to you.

What are your views on Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex’s published memoir ‘Spare’ and the media coverage supporting it – even if you haven’t read the book? –I look forward to reading the answers on this one. I have seen Prince Harry on Stephen Colbert; he was charming, seemingly quite transparent, and funny. I think there is an overall fascination with the Royal Family most especially because we all knew it must be crazy on the inside… I mean, every family is. I grew up in an ‘upper middle class’ (when there was a middle class) family where we were supposed to be perfect on the outside- always. I’m not saying I understand the forces of the paparazzi, but I do understand family pressure to keep everything looking good, no matter the consequences. So, yeah, I don’t know. 🤷‍♀️

Is the glass half full or half empty for you? Pretty much even I’d say.

In your opinion – as individuals do we matter and if so/not why? Yes we matter as we are all ourselves individually additive to the world around us. We as individuals create the world around us and as we become better individually we can become better as a whole.

What mistakes do you make over and over? Ohmygoodness- money. I am shite at money.

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Thursday 19.January.23

{pain} 4 but I need to go to the city to pick up my pain meds. {sleep} 6h 12m – I woke up a few times; I cannot wait until all my meds are back in order.

Problems Do Not Go Away Until They Have Taught Us The Lessons We Need To Learn by: Bijan Pirnia
Going home – Digital Remastered Edition by: Thomas William Tom Roberts
Ross Island Bridge House by: Mike Hill

On those notes… we will talk soon, Čėçēłįå

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My Babygirl is 18.January.23

{pain} 4 not too terrible as my Lyrica was refilled. 🙏 {sleep} 5h 46m -good sleep & I wish I would have had breakfast with the boys this morning, but I just couldn’t get up.

My babygirl is 18 today.

Get ready for a post just about Rœgn as today is her Golden Birthday… she turned 18 at 1:21p CST, today January 18, 2005.

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Tuesday the 17.January.23

{pain} mostly a 5 all day {sleep} 5h 25m – still not sleeping completely at norm, as all my meds are wrong.

Surreal Art 17 Wrong Pills by: Matthias Hauser

One day I will have my meds in order again. I am nearly out of morphine again… need to go home. Ugh. Hope your week is going well. My babygirl will be 18 tomorrow, which is so surreal. I am too tired to go into how much I love her or how amazing she is… but I will say that you have that to look forward to tomorrow. Talk Soon, Čėçēłįå